Welcome to BMA! For those who are really new that's Balanced Mom Academy. The online school with courses focused on mothers who are more than just a mom.

Our online courses help the busy mom become the balanced mom. Increasing productivity, introducing and developing accountability and showing you how much more than a mom you are!

Whether you're a mompreneur, working on your career or a stay at home mom. there's a course for you! Find balance in your life so you can be just as awesome an individual as you are a mother.

Hi, I’m Alena Michelle, founder of BMA.

I want to see more happy, healthy mothers. I feel that when this happens we create happier and healthier children and a better society overall. For me I became happier when I started to manage myself better and make time for me, and stopped letting excuses and others stop me from being the best me possible. This can be done for anyone willing to make the change and I'm blessed to be able to help them.