Feeling busy but unaccomplished?

Have a huge goal and no idea how to reach it?

Feeling like time just slips away from you?

No worries, #GCAPP is here for you. This comprehensive program is designed to help you get real with your life and habits. Then demolish the bad habits and replace them with healthy habits focused on accountability and productivity.

Following the entire program and repeating the strategies will put you on the fast track to success. As it did for me.

Because accountability is a continuous journey you will have lifetime access to the course and its contents. Including any upgrades that I do to the strategies over the years.

-Alena Michelle

Hi, I’m Alena Michelle

Accountability was something that I really struggled with, especially once I became a mom. I had a hard time making time for the things I needed to do for myself. It was a PROCESS but now that I've got it together for myself, I want to help others who are struggling like I was.

I want to see more happy, healthy mothers. I feel that when this happens we create happier and healthier children, creating a better society overall. For me I became happier when I started to manage myself better and make time for me, and stopped letting excuses and others stop me from being the best me possible. This can be done for anyone willing to make the change and I'm blessed to be able to help them.

One-Time Payment, Lifetime Access


Full Program

Online course and 4 weeks of 1:1 Coaching

Sometimes you need an extra kick in the pants and that's what I'm here for. The Full version of #GCAPP not only pushes you beyond your current limits, it also adds a heightened level of personalization to the experience.

This program is valued over $1000 however I've made it available at limited times and reduced the price significantly.

Here's what you're getting for just $600

  • 4 weeks of 1:1 accountability coaching
  • 3 1 hr sessions/week($500 Value)
  • Daily email and text support ($450 Value)
  • Online Course ($80 Value)
  • Facebook support group

You will find the link to schedule your first 1:1 session in the welcome lesson after purchase. See you inside the program!

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